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Kingston connection

After making music together for three decades, drummer Bruce Benjamin and bassie Herb Daly recently embarked on the “100 Riddim Project.” Recalling how his artist father stretched canvases to paint later, Bruce decided to apply the same principle to compiling a catalog of roots rhythms that could be colored beautifully with the singers and musicians he loves. Bruce’s Actual Music Productions recorded a large selection of Herb’s original foundation bass lines on 2" analog tape at Oakland’s Wally Sound Studios with the Stamina! Allstars (Herb and Bruce, along with Mike Mongiello, Rusty Zinn and John Nevin).

The tracks were then sent to Kingston, JA to be overdubbed and mixed by the very best in the Jamaican music industry. Enter the extremely talented singer/songwriter Paul “Lymie” Murray (who has worked in different capacities with Dennis Brown, Freddie McGregor, Burning Spear, Judy Mowatt, Luciano, and Etana) whose vocal palette laid down some of Jamaica’s most stylistic, soulful, and satisfying examples of contemporary reggae to date. He also more than assisted in the production, bringing in an elite list of session masters (including familiar old-school names like Robbie Lyn, Franklin “Bubbler” Waul, Sly Dunbar, Noel “Scully” Simms, Dean Fraser and Nambo Robinson). Let’s not omit the legendary “Mr. Rocksteady” Ken Boothe, whose duet with Lymie, “Mutual Feeling,” has the makings of a surefire hit in what is Mr. Boothe’s sixth decade of blessing us with his golden voice. Finally, the professional mixing excellence of Michael Williamson, Fatta Marshall and Clive Hunt added the rich textures that were so essential to this world-class work of art. Good Things Forward is the result of this special collaboration showcasing Lymie Murray on Actual Music Productions’ first Stamina! Allstars release.

The reggae revival is growing as a new wave of conscious roots begins to move forward in Jamaica, America and many other international communities. Here is our contribution, straight from the hearts of the Stamina! Allstars, who have long been steadfast in their passion for upholding a quality standard and a sincere yearning to play another crucial groove.