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In the early 2000's Lara performed with the Tamlins and toured with Rita Marley singing background vocals. Derrick still performs with the Tamlins, but he has revived his solo career with the release of SOLID, a brand new album with the Stamina All Stars, The full story...

Great News...

Published in the January 2016 issue of

is this nice bit about the group and the latest release: "Next on the Stamina Allstars’ schedule is an upcoming collaboration with Tamlins vocalist Derrick Lara, who also toured as Rita Marley’s harmony singer. Check it out...

The Santa Cruz -

Kingston connection

After making music together for three decades, drummer Bruce Benjamin and bassie Herb Daly recently embarked on the “100 Riddim Project.” The full story...

Our Latest Release

Feel the music!

Creators of original roots reggae rhythm tracks out of California. We're veterans who appreciate and wish to preserve and strengthen this music we all love, via recording on analog tape with live musicians playing their instruments together. There's a 'tribal' completeness and rhythmic interaction which is impossible to duplicate by building computer tracks. Our tracks use our original basslines which still carry the weight and vibe of the foundation riddims; nothing against the 'classic' reggae riddims, some of them still rule the dancehall after 40+ years! But reggae music needs new riddims to survive and progress. The very fine vocalists who sing and toast over our tracks appreciate their classic, 'organic' feel (as we appreciate and admire their vocal and lyrical talents). We welcome and encourage comments on the tracks on this page. Thank you.

Bruce L. Benjamin - drums
Herbert S. Daly - bass & guitar
Michael Mongiello - guitars
John Carl Nevin - keyboards
Rusty Zinn - guitars

Who We Are